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Welcome to PYT MEALS

Healthy Meal Prep Service

At PYT MEALS, it’s our mission to bring you the freshest ingredients and the most affordable and convenient meal prep service. Life is busy enough, leave the cooking to us! We guarantee nutritious and delicious meals because your health and wellness is our priority.


PYT MEALS was created to provide healthy, convenient, affordable and most importantly delicious meal prep. Our goal is to show that clean eating doesn't have to be boring or bland.


All PYT MEALS are prepared with fresh ingredients. We do not prepare any pork or beef products; lean protein only. Clients can order 6-10 meals and 2-4 snacks per week to help keep them accountable with the most key component of fitness, nutrition. 

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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food"

~ Hippocrates

Prices & Packages

PYT Meal Prep

6 Meals- $85

8 Meals- $105

10 Meals- $135

PYT Snack Packs

2 For $15

4 For $20


At PYT Meals, we do our best to accommodate our clients who have food allergies. However, our meals can be prepared with common allergens such as nut, milk, eggs, fish, etc.

We cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contaminants. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure about any food allergies. PYT MEALS accepts no liability to any allergic reactions as a result of consuming our products. 


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